Types of Coffee Grinds


Depending on the method you use to brew your coffee, choosing a grind that matches is critical for an excellent cup of coffee. Grind size matters because brewing coffee is all about extraction and contact time the water has with the coffee grounds. The finer the grind of coffee, the larger the surface area of the beans which beans less contact between the water and the beans is needed to extract flavor. A coarse grind allows the water to pass through the beans slowly and absorb flavor.Below is a list of brewing methods and the type of grind that performs best with each. 

  • Aeropress - Water is forced through quickly. We recommend a fine grind. 
  • Drip/ single serve maker- Water is fed slow and steady through the ground beans. We recommend a Standard (medium) grind.
  • Espresso Machine- Water is fed quickly and under pressure leading to a quick extraction of flavor. We recommend an espresso or fine grind. 
  • French Press- Coffee grounds are soaked for a some time. We recommend a coarse grind. 
  • Moka Pot- Similar to espresso, water and beans have quick contact. We recommend a fine grind. 
  • Pour Over- Similar to french press but slightly quicker. We recommend a medium coarse grind. 
  • Turkish coffee- coffee with fine ground in it. For this we recommend a fine to extra fine grind. 

Ultimately, using the correct grind for your desired brewing method will lead to optimal coffee taste and the best cup you have ever had! 


Image from: https://grosche.ca/coffee-grind-chart/